We’re Collecting Toys for All the Girls and Boys

The holiday season is a time for people to celebrate all the blessings in their lives, and we on Team Next Generation Solutions have more to be thankful for than most. We have great careers, working with a top-notch team in a growth industry, and living in a thriving metropolis. We really are living the dream!

Not everyone is so lucky though, and that’s something we take seriously. We look for nonprofits and worthy causes to support all through the year, and this month – starting on Dec. 1 and running until Christmas Day – we’ll be hosting a toy drive to support both our local children’s hospital and the rescue mission.

Our Next Generation Solutions philanthropy program is an important part of our operation. It’s something we all feel very passionately about, for example, or we wouldn’t have joined this team in the first place. There are some business benefits as well though. For instance, we get to develop talents that we might not even know we have until we get the chance to use them in a volunteer capacity.

We also get to build our networks when supporting worthy causes. We meet other leaders in the area that are just as excited about making a difference as we are, and those are exactly the kinds of connections we want to make.

Our biggest reason is simply because it’s the right thing to do though, especially during the holidays. Check out our Next Generation Solutions Newswire feed to see how many toys we collect.