We’re Including Everyone for Our Holiday Celebration

Fresh off a great Friendsgiving, Team Next Generation Solutions is looking forward to an end-of-year holiday party with the whole office. We really love the holiday season, and have plans to make this year’s shindig the most memorable ever!

We want to make sure everyone in the Next Generation Solutions workspace feels welcome and respected all year long, but during the holiday season this becomes even more important to us. We know that there are many different observances going on during December, and we look forward to enjoying all of them together as a team. For example, Hanukkah starts on Dec. 22 and runs until Dec. 30, the Winter Solstice is on Dec. 21, and Kwanzaa starts on Dec. 26 and goes until Jan. 1. Oh, and we can’t forget about Boxing Day on Dec. 26. This year, there are no Muslim holidays that occur during December, but that changes from year to year.

So, how do we make sure all these special days receive the respect they deserve? One way is to keep all these dates in mind for scheduling purposes so that office parties don’t interfere with anyone’s religious beliefs. Another is to invite team members to bring a favorite dish to work with them. This is a fun way to introduce everyone to the different customs and beliefs that make up our wonderfully diverse country.

There’s a lot of celebrating going on this month, and we couldn’t be happier. Follow Next Generation Solutions on Instagram to learn more about our holiday plans.