Next Generation Solutions Shares Learning Techniques

Although our lifetimes are full of opportunities for learning and growth, many people reach plateaus. They become complacent, and their desires to thrive dwindle. To avoid settling for less than you could achieve, our team members at Next Generation Solutions urge you to keep the 10,000-hour rule in mind. It refers to the notion that deliberate practice – to the tune of approximately 10,000 hours – is essential to true learning.

However, there’s more to it than how long you practice. The way you practice is even more important. For instance, repeating the same task on autopilot doesn’t allow for improvement. Instead, we at Next Generation Solutions have learned that rising above your plateaus requires the following steps:

  • Set a Clear Goal: Goals give you direction, and the more specific they are, the better. It isn’t enough to simply say you want to be more financially stable, for example. You must determine how much money you’d like to save, and set a deadline for yourself. Then identify short-term milestones that tell you how much to save on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Obtain Feedback: At Next Generation Solutions, we assert that you’ll develop more efficiently if you have at least one mentor to offer feedback and guidance. For additional insight, observe the actions of professionals you admire, and conduct your own independent research to learn about ways to improve yourself.

These are two of the most important steps you can take to master your area of interest and succeed in your field.