We Have a Team We’re Thankful for Year-Round

We appreciate our Next Generation Solutions crew, and enjoy spending the holidays together – especially Thanksgiving. We have many things in our lives to be grateful for, and our Thanksgiving party is always one to remember.

The attitude of gratitude that is part of our Next Generation Solutions culture is crafted by design. It starts whenever we hire someone new: during the interview, we ask questions that help us find the women and men who share our values before bringing them on board.

Then, from day one, novice team members are paired with seasoned event managers. This ensures that new hires feel supported and empowered to succeed while taking the first steps on their career journeys. This also emphasizes the importance of teamwork to our firm; we do our best work when working together, so we do anything we can to help our people connect with one another.

Team nights, trips, and in-office contests all add to the culture of unity that we’ve created here as well. And while we’re reflecting on what makes our office great, now’s a good time to thank our company leaders. They lead by example and model the values that make working here such a unique and rewarding experience.

So, from our office family to you – Happy Thanksgiving! Follow Next Generation Solutions on Instagram to see how we celebrate our team.